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I struggle to think better word than "normal" but the last few months when I've sifted through On Demand, watched various films, I've struggled to find any which would fit into my admittedly simplistic definition.

I know there's only three lines to summarise but there seems an assumption with many on knowing the genre or type of the film without it being inferred.

I tend to go for (but really just fancy watching) an ordinary film, ordinary everyday people. Ideally set modern day (though not essential) relatively plausible plot, or based on an actual event. British marginally preferable.

Certainly not Fantasy (Hobbit) Superheros or comic books, ideally not acton either - or at least with car chases, fight scenes and exploding cars to a necessary minimum. Not a Pixar type either, after did once pick out one film which had a terrific sounding description and turned out to be a cartoon!

There's been a few lately where the tag lines have enticed me in, but its turned out to have giant 30 ft zombies, monsters, goblins or required a real suspension of disbelief. It seems through the new release lists that the everyday films seems fewer and far between.

Gran Torino would be exactly the sort of film I'd be after., Shawshank obviously.

Time Travel or similar would be the one exception. Source Code, Butterfly Effect, Frequency, FAQ About Time Travel, Idiocracy, I've seen and all were great.and I definitely do want to see Looper.

But reading through the best film of 2012,thread there's a huge Superhero, Bond, Action theme running though it, but are there any, what you'd call everyday films worth a look?
"Normal" films are boring, most people use films as a form of escapism.
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