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As for Alan and Jackie from Neighbours I think they will be ok if they stay in Oz and I doubt would be doing that much reality TV. They will get parts in Aussie drama shows without much difficulty.
They would probably get bit-parts in something like Underbelly or on the ABC, but I'm referring to long-term success outside Neighbours when the axe eventually falls on them/the show, and I think Jackie would want something like James Bond than bit-parts in Aussie dramas.

Their main fanbase is the UK, due to Neighbours being popular in the UK than Australia. Because they've stuck with Neighbours for so long and haven't spread themselves out like Chris Eccleston has done (after Cracker and Dr Who,which he left both shows to avoid typecasting), the only work they have to fall on in the UK is reality TV with ex-So Solid Crew/Happy Monday members/It girls and the likes of the drummer from the Script and Jodie Marsh, which is saddening for both actors if they are reduced to this.

They'll never have a role on Silent Witness, Bond or CSI.
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