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I do hope you are joking.

Cilla and our Graham did a superb job with Blind Date and Stars in their Eyes was an actual talent contest with out any of the silly drama you get from The X Factor.
I'm not.

I agree that Cilla is a far better presenter, but the show was cheesy as hell. I recently saw an old episode on YouTube. At least Take Me Out is a bit more self aware even if the contestants are less sophisticated.

Stars in their eyes declined because of the TV talent shows we have today. Even though it was far more modest and honest ( except for the smoky doors part ), it is more exciting to see someone trying to establish themselves as a star rather than trying to impersonate someone else, even if the execution became more and more convoluted.

Don't get me wrong. I liked the past shows but I'm trying to look them objectively instead of through Nostalgia goggles.
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