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I know high-quality non-US drama isn't to everyone's taste but you should try this. As someone above said Borgen is Danish West Wing! BBC4 has created a niche for quality Nordic Noir on a Saturday night where most other channels are reduced to shite.

And I know not everyone's spoken Danish is up to following the dialogue but if you can read, and can enjoy things without violence, car chases or vampires, you should try it.
Series 2 of Borgen is starting tonight on BBC4! What more do you want?

Subtitled Danish drama and football highlights. That's my Saturday evening sorted.
No football for me thanks but Merlin from the beginning on BBC3 and maybe the Dr Who following it before a double helping of the new series of Borgen will suit me perfectly.

I gave a small cheer when I saw the schedule. An excellent evening's viewing in prospect!
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