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I often find myself watching Challenge on a Saturday night these days because it reminds me of better times. In the last few weeks we've had the pleasure of Strike it Rich, Play Your Cards Right, Catchphrase and Take Your Pick.

None of this nonsense where you have to humiliate yourself to in front of 20 women to get a date.
I accidentally came across Challenge and noticed that it was featuring Stars In Their Eyes at that particular moment, but as ever it was on an ad break, and I was anticipating Matthew Kelly and got a sharp reminder when it came back that he was not the original host, and the edition was the Grand Final of 1991 hosted by Leslie Crowther, who I had completely forgotten did the shows at the start, and would needless carried on doing them but for his serious car crash between series 3 and 4. I actually remembered the winner, Nat King Cole though! What really struck me was how dated the show looked even though it was from as recent as just 1991.
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