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iPlayer details for Borgen S2 have appeared on the BBC4 website.

Borgen - Series 2 iPlayer availability
Due to rights reasons there will be no option to download any episodes from series 2 of Borgen, nor will it be available on Series Catch-up.

The series will be available to stream in standard definition and in HD for seven days following each individual episode’s broadcast.

Similar to what happened with TK3 I think.
I fell foul of this with TK3. TK 1 and 2 had been on series catch up and I assumed TK3 would be the same. Not so! I missed eps 5 & 6 because I took too long to watch them on iplayer. I was sooooooooooooo annoyed. I watched the rest of the episodes and kind of caught up with the plot, but there's so much packed into each episode of The Killing that it was unsatisfactory. Then my son bought me the TK3 box set for Christmas, so I can watch the episodes I missed but it's not the same because I know what comes after. That's why I disappeared from the TK3 thread btw - I was completely out of synch and couldn't discuss it properly.
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