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I think for many people what is lacking from TV is the social telly programmes

Programmes that everyone can watch and you know everyone's watching.

The stuff from ITV/BBC/Ch4 is just too moronic or narrowly focussed.

The quasi-highbrow BBC4 stuff is hardly suitable, although of course it's well made.
That was the opinion of everyone I spoke to at christmas. Yud Think at least one channel would put on a LIVE event programme that brought the nation together in REAL time christmas. The Old folk in the village for example could at least watch TV and feel part of the national christmas feeling as it happens.

AS for Saturday night ......moronic moronic moronic cretinous drivel. and constant repeats on a loop ( again all that was xmas TV).

The 1994 schedule posted earlier ....remember there was NO competition as such ...(4 channels)

Now there is huge multichannel competition and the quality (perversly ) hits rock bottom. Proving greater competition breeds moronic TV programmes and repeats.
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