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Borgen virgin here, just finished watching first two episodes of series 2 and LOVED it. Can't believe I'm saying this but preferred it to The Killing.
The pacing is less frantic and the writing and performances are first class. Thank you BBC4 for the continuing alternative to crap Saturday night TV.
I feel the same. TK introduced us to excellent Danish TV drama, but Borgen takes it up several levels for me. I find myself feeling so much more for the characters. In particular, Sidse Babett Knudsen is outstanding as Birgitte Nyborg. She portrays a strong, intensely likeable character, combining humanity, intelligence and strength in a wonderfully-written role.

And you really get bound up in the stories of other characters like Bendt, Kaspar, Katrine and Hannah.

And the second episode tonight must win title of the year: "In Brussels No-one Can Hear You Scream". Brilliant.

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