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Birgitte speaking English and French was a highlight for me
Amazing English accent wasn't it! Sidse is far more well spoken than most English people - and her French was very good too. I always wonder if the Danes find French easier to speak than we do because they both use their throats to speak a lot.

Kasper has replaced Katrine with a Katrine clone! That relationship's clearly not going to last very long.

Hanne's drinking must be getting worse this series due to her issues with her daughter.

And yes, funny to see Kristian Kamper in this. Someone above asked if they have a small pool of actors in Denmark. I think that's the case - well smaller than here anyway - it's quite a small country after all.

Absolutely loved those two episodes. The two hours flew by for me as if they were less than one hour. Great to see all the characters back again - I do miss Philip though.
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