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Now this is odd - I was watching the 3 parter on BBC 2 this week 'I'm in a Boy Band/Girl Band/Pop Star' - really good series to watch if you haven't - you can probably catch it still on iPlayer I should think.

Anyway, Boyzone were on it and obviously so was Stephen Gately (though not specifically interviewed).

Watching it, I thought to myself how sad it was that such a young man was dead, and how I always thought he was such an attractive man.

The bit that is odd - is that I would have thought it was much more than 3 years ago he died - no idea why I should have thought it, but it just 'seems' like longer ago.

Then again, I couldn't tell you how many years it is since Michael Jackson died - it is funny how you lose track of the passing of time - which I think can be more prevalent with famous people as you still 'see' them (TV shows etc)

ETA - I was mortified watching the thing about Frankie Howerd that was on and finding out how long ago he passed away !
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