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Are you sure that you may have expected too much after all the hype and positive reviews? I have found that if you wait to see a huge hyped up hit film for too long you can be disappointed because it cant possibly live up to the hype. I remember The Full Monty coming out in 1997. For six months everyone raved about it but I never bothered to see it until its video release the following year. So I was expecting nothing less than the funniest film ever made. Of course it isnt and I was disappointed with my first viewing of it because everyone had told me they were practically collapsing into the aisles in fits of laughter. Several years down the line watching it without all the hype I now think its quite a good film. Perhaps if you see Skyfall again you may think it is better.

Agree with this 100%.

Bottom line is if you are told it is the best film ever made, regardless of the source, just don't believe it.

The publicity people went into overdrive when the early reviews were positive, and latched onto that 'Best Bond ever' tagline and splashed it everywhere.

I am always reminded of the line from Misery when it comes to how people percieve publicity advertising for films...

'Did y'all go and get amnesia or something?'

Because this has been happening for film comes out, trailer makes it look good, publicity posters scream 'Best film ever' etc...public swallows it and goes to see the film in droves.

And yet they never learn, because they continue to believe what they are told, despite having been betrayed and disappointed countless times.

And the same goes for critics and their quotes used in the advertising praising the movie...that's just kudos for them and their publication, a feather in their cap and the satisfaction of seeing their name in print in the hope that they will be 'respected'. Far be it from me to suggest some reviews are written with that thought in mind, of course...
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