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But Danish has a pleasing "sound" and a lot of words seem quite similar to Dutch and German words.
And loads of words are similar to English! There's a Dane on the Guardian series blogs for these shows who spends vast amounts of time educating us on the similarity of our languages e.g.

"Skal vi sende ham hjem nu?" = Shall we send him home now?

"Vi var her først" = We were here first

and there are lots more! He says that we just need to realise how similar so many of our every day words are to Danish words due to the Viking era - he put up a huge post with tons of details about it. The word order is generally far more similar between English and Danish than it is between Danish and German - Germans apparently often verbs at the end of sentences put whereas the Danish word order is pretty much like ours as you can see from the examples above.

I'm so used to hearing Danish in these shows now that I can detect the similarity myself at times.

I've noticed too that when Swedes and Norwegians say 'first' in their languages it sounds like how a Scot says 'first'.
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