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For any fans of the soundtrack , can you tell me the name of the song as they fly over the mountains at the end?
These are all the songs:

1) My Dear Frodo

2) Old Friends (Extended Version)

3) An Unexpected Party (Extended Version)

4) Blunt the Knives (Bonus Track)

5) Axe or Sword?

6) Misty Mountains

7) The Adventure Begins

8) The World Is Ahead

9) An Ancient Enemy

10) Radagast the Brown (Extended Version)

11) The Trollshaws (Bonus Track)

12) Roast Mutton (Extended Version)

13) A Troll-hoard

14) The Hill of Sorcery

15) Warg-scouts

1) The Hidden Valley

2) Moon Runes (Extended Version)

3) The Defiler

4) The White Council (Extended Version)

5) Over Hill

6) A Thunder Battle

7) Under Hill

8) Riddles in the Dark

9) Brass Buttons

10) Out of the Frying-Pan

11) A Good Omen

12) Song of the Lonely Mountain (Extended Version)

13) Dreaming of Bag End

14) A Very Respectable Hobbit (Bonus Track)

15) Erebor (Bonus Track)

16) The Dwarf Lords (Bonus Track)

17) The Edge of the Wild (Bonus Track)

And so on
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