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Sadly I think Rihanna is so in love with him to the point of obsession and she seems to just accept the way he treats her, shockingly almost like it's normal for her. It's almost like her self-esteem/respect is being worn down like she's desperate to 'keep' him eg: Making digs about his ex, posting pics on twitter wearing practically nothing etc,

Also she likes to play this role of the tough 'ghetto girl' and seems wrapped up in this whole 'Thug Life' thing that runs through the urban music scene (Not all urban artists are like that but there do seem to be a majority who play up to that image.

Unfortunately it will take goodness knows what/how long for her to break away fully and grow up and realise that that's not how relationships should be.

I hope this didn't sound presumptuous/offensive.. Just trying to say how I view it

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