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Yes, I saw Gareth in the production (I've seen Les Mis many times) and I thought he was excellent.

It's just that I'm a big Michael Ball fan and have seen him in everything EXCEPT Les MisÚrables. I could have done as well. I was in London at the time he was in it and choosing a show and didn't fancy Les Mis at all (such a fool). I saw 42nd Street instead.

It was only afterwards after seeing Michael in Aspects of Love (he was wonderful) that I realised what I had missed. Grrrr. I would have loved to have seen him in that role, especially as I fell in love with Les Mis in later years.

There have been lots of excellent Mariuses of course over the years but it's just a regret of mine that I missed Michael. Oh well ...
I adore Michael Ball. I saw him for the first time live three years ago and was blown away. He is wonderful with his fans and his singing range is amazing. He always sings something from Les Mis, usually Empty Tables and never disappoints.
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