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Agreed, it should never have been allowed to be released due to the animal killings and torture.
I can handle anything that involves gore.. I just can't stomach animals suffering or being tortured.
I completely agree. Humans have the choice to act in a movie, animals don't. I would avoid anything that involves scenes of animal cruelty, real or staged.

I've had Wolf Creek sitting on my shelf for over six months now. Still haven't found the time to watch it yet
Haven't found the time, or the bottle ? Actually I have it too, in a shoe box...waiting.

Personally think the most shocking thing is closer to the end where you see



Good film though.
Agreed good film.

Someone said i should watch Inbreds. Has it's moments but it's a bit mehh really. I told my daughter if she went to Yorkshire, that's exactly what it's like. More of a fly-on-the wall docu-soap than a film
Cheeky Monkey

Anything with Ben Stiller in it.
Or Adam Sandler

Oddly that sequence was one of the few true special effects sequences. The cat had honey smeared on its coat and the tame rats obligingly licked it off. The cat lived happily ever after.

Thanks for this revelation. I love my moggies.

Silence of the Lambs, although the disgust and shock is perfectly justified.

Buffalo Bill is the creepiest movie villain ever.
Did you know the actor who played Buffalo Bill went on to play the police captain in 'Monk', with Tony Shaloub ? I watched it for ages, thinking what has this guy been in before, then it clicked.

that spice girls film was pretty bad, not mention mammia mia!
AGEED big time.
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