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He still tours - recently with Kerry Ellis and both of them are heavily involved with We Will Rock You their Queen musical. They do the auditioning and turn up to it for special dates.There's a global tour on this year of the musical.

On the other hand the linking bits might not take that long?

You would imagine the BBC would know better than to lose the show. However they have neglected science more and more as teh years have gone on with serious shows like Horizon becoming rare and the peak time shows vanishing. Channel 4 managed the heinous crime of scrapping TimeTeam and seem to have got away with it, so dumbing down seems in full flow.
I think the BBC could have a team of 4 or 5 'presenters' who could take turns to present or contribute to TSAN according to their own commitments. The programme is so short that a regular presenter is not really essential and, anyway, Sir P is utterly irreplaceable. The names mentioned so far were all friends of Sir P; he would trust them to continue his legacy.

Ad for Time Team..............grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Just watched the first prog of the last series........and it was silly fluffies....just good solid archaeology! Time Team as it was....and as it should be!
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