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You mention a female presenter and one who immediately springs to mind who used to have a higher profile a few years ago than nowadays is Heather Couper who I always found an engaging character who knew her stuff.

Another female who would tick two PC aspects for the BBC, being a woman, and black, not to mention very clever, and who I have discovered only relatively recently and enjoyed is Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock, who has presented some astronomy items, clearly qualified and would in no way be a token gesture, or case of positive discrimination.

Sir Patrick clearly looked like he had been grooming Chris Lintott for a number of years with a view to succeeding him, but for me I cannot see him as "the presenter".
Gawd, I shouldn't laugh but in this day and age, you might wish to re-phrase that!

I met Chris at Sir P's home, and they certainly had huge respect for each other and paternal affection
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