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If the show does continue it will be interesting to see where they do it from. Moving to a BBC studio would make sense I guess from a production point of view, but you then lose the ability to have Pete and Paul going outside and doing some practical stuff. I guess they could film that elsewhere if studio based.
Sadly, I can't see the programme surviving. The BBC famously don't "do" science and the only thing that kept S@N going was Sir Patrick Moore, who was extremely well connected within the BBC establishment and amongst all the "national treasures" - who would have kicked up a fuss. On that basis, it was cheaper to let the programme run, in a dead-end slot once a month than for the BBC to hang yet another Kick Me sign on it's arse.

However, now that SPM is no more, the Beeb will roll out their well choreographed programme-killer methods. Change the presenters, change the format, dumb it down, make the time-slot even less accessible (or put it up against some popular competition). Then they'll claim "falling audiences" to cancel it. Possibly promising that Stargazing Live will continue to run and "take over" the torch for educating newbies (although it hasn't provided any education in any of the 3-night runs it's had to date, maybe they'll rush something into this week's programmes as a sop).
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