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I didn't have a problem with the time it went out last night, just that the BBC failed to mention that it was his last ever show (you think that might have been worth a mention at the very least) even though he was only in it for a few moments.

I really do hope the BBC doesn't 'Blue Peterise' it with dumbed down idiot presenters for the 'youff' market.

Of course Pete Lawrence is the only amateur on the team at the others are all really professional scientists.

Doing it from Selsey would probably make sense but I have no idea what will happen to the house, I understand that Brian May actually bought it for Patrick, which I thought was odd as the house had been in the family for years, unless it was rented or something?

Sir P did own the house but seems to have been very generous in giving away his money (and he did not appear to be a big earner)to others. I think Brian bought the house so that Sir P had money available to keep his home going (bills/repairs) and possibly to help pay for his carers. Despite seeing him on SAN in a suit he was very much chairbound for the last couple of years and was very frail thus needing 24hour care
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