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A longer version of the programme will be on BBC4 on Thursday at 7.30, and it will also be on BBC2 on Saturday morning, so I don't think it's fair to criticise the BBC for showing the BBC1 version so late. Those of us with long memories will recall that there was a time when it was a valid complaint, with so many younger enthusiasts wanting to watch but being unable to stay up, which is why there has been a BBC2 repeat for (at a guess) well over 30 years now, and the extended BBC4 edition has expanded the reach of the show still further. If people want to see it, they will get a chance later in the week.
The BBC2 repeat is the short version shown at midnight and you could argue the half hour showing (why in Godís name this canít be the only version aired is a mystery - Why is there a short version at all?!?!?) is on a minority channel and does attract a consequently lower audience.

Regardless, itís an ignominious end to a programme thatís gone 50 years plus fronted by the same person. Would it have killed the BBC to make a bit of a fuss just this once?
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