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Originally posted by Linda_Danvers
I agree with Rantzen in this one:

These new arrests took the focus from the child abuse victims and may have been tainted the names of people like Dave Lee Travis and Jim Davidson forever, all of who haven't been formaly charged with anything, as far I'm aware. I find it distasteful the press saying "Savile's police" in the arrests. The only person connected with Savile who was arrested was his producer in "Savile's Travels". Where are the others? Who covered for Savile? Did someone procured for him? There was a paedophile ring(s) he was part of? She is right, all accusations should be investigated, but those not connected with Savile and child abuse should have another name.
Although I have little time for Esther Rantzen I have to agree with her article and the above post. Far too many people are coming forward for monetary gain and many of the women are, like the ones in the JD case, complaining of things that happened when they were in their 20s.

Having worked with abused children for many years I am appalled at the amount of newspaper space and police time that is being used for historic accusations of adult abuse. Abuse is still happening daily, mainly by family members, and children are still suffering as they are not believed or are too frightened to speak up. I wish the police would concentrate on the important issues and put the other issues to one side.
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