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Has he not been revealed as a paedophile yet? I think he has.

Thread in need of a title upgrade.
Incorrect, he has been shown to *possibly* be an ephebophile.

Pedophiles are sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

Ephebophiles are attracted to (mid to late) post-pubescent adolescents about ~15-19.

I believe the accusers were post-pubescent a the time of the alledged occurences. Happy to be proved wrong...although for the sake of kids hopefully not...

There is a big difference between Pedophiles and ephebophiles. Age of consent in even European countries is as low as low as 13 many 14/15years old whereas in the UK that would be breaking the law - as it seems Saville may have been based on the statements from the accusers...which is obviously wrong of him based on the ethical/moral/legal viewpoint of the laws in the UK.
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