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The BBC2 repeat is the short version shown at midnight and you could argue the half hour showing (why in Godís name this canít be the only version aired is a mystery - Why is there a short version at all?!?!?) is on a minority channel and does attract a consequently lower audience.

Regardless, itís an ignominious end to a programme thatís gone 50 years plus fronted by the same person. Would it have killed the BBC to make a bit of a fuss just this once?
Yes I agree, the BBC are quick to make a fuss over some deadbeat musician or politician that kicks the bucket.

I think within the BBC you've got a small team who were quite passionate about the show and the rest of the BBC who are obsessed with diversity, equality, not upsetting anyone and dumbing things down or what I call pop science.

The one difference with the Sky at Night was it was scientists (usually) talking about science in its purest form.
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