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Squeaky died in March.

The caption writers haven't the faintest idea what they're doing. The pic of her by the fire is one that's been used before in her columns and was taken in the old Somerset house.

IIRC the cat called Grebo is no more as well. Liz seems to have the Kiss of Death about her.....
I hope you are right and that it is a mistake by the caption writers, others on the DM site have noticed too. The one captioned as Squeaky though is one that I havent seen before. I've seen the fireside one many times, but the one captioned as Squeaky looks like it is in her new house, its certainly the same room as the main photo with Michael and her on the bed, which I also havent seen before.

I remember the Diary, I think, although I havent checked it, that I offered my own sad condolences on there along with all the others. Anyone recognise which cat it actually is in that photo? I lose track over time as to which is which, and I only actually read that caption in the first place as the black cat in it looks very much like my own. I usually skim the stuff under all the pics and wouldnt normally have noticed at all, but for the similarity to mine.
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