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Just goes to show what a lot of hype can achieve.
Nah I disagree it was all hype. Skyfall was a solid movie. The amount of positive word of mouth recommendations for this film on my social networks was something i've never seen before. Usually with a movie you'll get a few people here and there raving about it. But skyfall seemed to have a unanimous positive review vibe going both here and in the US. People were taking the trouble to announce that they enjoyed the movie. And this ultimately leads to more people going to see it. Yes there was some people suggesting it was a let down but the general consensus amongst most people was positive. It was a movie you didn't mind telling your friends to go see.

That's not to say it didn't have other factors going for it. They ran a very slick marketing campaign, no doubt about that. Even the billboard.. with Bond on a white background with the gun.. it looked great. And another factor that should not be forgotten is they had Adele singing what is a brilliant theme song. If you add up all the views on YouTube there are over 110 million just for that alone. They had a cracking cast also. Bardem in particular. Brilliant casting.. gutted he died. He should have escaped at the end. Ralph also. And Daniel Craig is at his best in the role now.

They deserved the success. And it's a good thing that Bond is the healthiest it's ever been. It was a great way to mark 50 years.
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