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I feel sorry for his mum, She is a lovely lady and not a penny went to her or her family when that son of hers was amassing a fortune.

Family comes first in all matters. When he died she was still living in that council house when he could have bought his mum and dad a decent home. He may have made up but his will left them NOTHING!

I can understand people feeling sorry for his death but this Saint Stephen did not exist. We all row with our parents it is part of life but for five yeas ignoring his mum. WTF???? The other members of that Boy Band did not behave like that!

If it true that Gately's partner is hornlocked with his parents over his estate then that proves his mum was right all along about him! If he was gay he was gay! End of! It seems his partner is mean-spirited and not the right choice!
It was ten years earlier in the thread. You don't pay much attention to detail do you?
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