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Many of his victims are still alive though. They are human beings, too.

You might be the kind of person who is greedy and only thinks of the money, but not everyone is like that.

As I've posted before; any case that's in the news will attract a tiny minority of fantasists and attention seekers, or people after money.

However, the majority of people who go through the turmoil of going to the police, and reporting what happened (which will no doubt bring back horrible memories for them) are genuine. That's my opinion.

I think Savile's money should be shared around charities and given as anoymous donations to those charities so none of them have a moral dilemma about it.

His victims deserve closure of some kind though. I hope they get it.

As for other people being accused, I have also posted before that I think false accusations are disgraceful and can ruin a person's life. But if someone reports a crime to the police, the police must investigate it.

This nasty 'oh, they are all in it for compensation', 'they didn't complain when it happened' 'you don't ask for anyone's birth certifcate' 'she shouldn't have been dressed like that' 'she was begging for it' attitude stinks.

If one person makes a false accusation does that mean that all people who make accusations are lying? No it does not.
I haven't got the time replying to all your points (Got to get ready for work) I made my points above and stick with them.
I didn't say eveyone could be lying. But lets be honest here, an awful lot of people have suddenly come out of the woodwork so to speak. How the hell do you prove all these accusations?
Having to give any money received to charity would be a great idea.
Sorry, but I bet most of the accusations would then dissapear.
The guys dead for gods sake.
He can't even defend himself.
Put the shoe on the other foot for example.
How would you feel if you was the one accused, and you knew you hadn't done anything?
Read this...

..."You might be the kind of person who is greedy and only thinks of the money, but not everyone is like that..."

I'm not greedy. You don't know me; but I'm far from it.
I just know it's a two-way street.
We don't live in a "Disney" world and I do question some peoples motives (600+ of them)
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