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I don't dislike Brian May but why is anyone considering his as main presenter?

Yes, he's knowledgable and qualified in astronomy but he's only ever been a guest on SaN. I'm pleased to hear he was a close friend to Sir Patrick and generous personally to him but he's surely not TV presenter material unless all the better-qualified, 'usual crew' are unavailable or bypassed by some BBC numpty who knows nothing about astronomy or science - and not much about broadcasting to a brighter, more discerning portion of the viewing public!

We don't need a 'celeb' (if B May counts) we need competence and someone who can retain viewers interest without being a distraction (though I'd make an exception and allow myself to be distracted by Lucie Green).

Chris Lintott doesn't match up to Sir Patrick in the 'enthusing the viewer' stakes but who could? Surely, he's the obvious replacement, possibly sharing with Paul and Pete and Chris N.
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