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All he is doing here is trying to challenge some of society's attitudes to paedophilia in a calm and rational manner. There's certainly nothing calm and rational about the usual "depraved beasts who ought to be strung up", nor the "every man is a potential paedophile" arguments.....that's just outright hysteria and paranoia.
Indeed, I agree to an extent.

My first sentence in that post was very much a rhetorical question to 'Keyser Soze' on their comment to 'Beachhhhhhh' of "I have no time for abuse-apologists.".

I thought Beachhh's comments were in that vein as well.

Innocent until proven guilty doesn;t seem to be the way it goes whne it comes to things like this and as is seen with John lesley destroys careers and lives even if there is a mere suggestion in some cases especially when people say 'No smoke with out fire.'...well, there can be smoke with out fire if someone throws a smoke-grenade into someone's life.

Here's someone else who had trial by media - luckily he has come out of it fairly OK in the end.

It is why 'we' have to be careful about these sort of arrests and accusations...even if the seeming suggested evidence is overwhelming.
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