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He is excusing paedophilia. There is no such thing as consensual paeophilic relationships because children can't consent to sex, they simply do not have the maturity or knowledge to know the reprecussions on their bodies - much less their minds.

How is the theory he advocated different than those social workers in Norther towns who ignored the rape of children in care because they "consented" and therefore never investigated the fact that they had got involved with a manipulative and cohersive group that any adult who actually cared about them (ie most parents) would have put a stop to immediately recognising that there is something highly suspicious about adults who seek to attract children.
I would say trying to understand it rather than excusing it. For reasons that are quite unclear, the subject has become a major taboo and the only line that is acceptable is "paedophiles are beasts and monsters and should be locked up for life".

Nobody wants to see sex between children and adults legalised or encouraged in any way but the hysterical and over the top response to something that seems to be very prevalent in society is doing nobody any favours. It's an unwelcome side to human sexuality but it is there and it is happening.....surely the only way to come to terms with it is to discuss it calmly and rationally.
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