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Yes, this is all fair enough and I agree.

At the same time, I do also think a civilised discussion about paedophilia is going to help all involved, including victims. Obviously people are going to disagree, and some will have more extreme views than others, but the media way of reporting with words such as monster and predator really does not show the reality or help matters.
I agree. However a civilised discussion doesn’t have to include hysteria on either side. Not lock them up and throw away the key for one offense when young nor the pretenders that this is what is done and that all sex offenders are victims of a lynch mob and need to be protected from getting investigated or named. The hysteria is in the media currently - not necessarily in the actual guidelines, courts or among actual readers. I think the article shows other very partisan views rather than an objective look or the basis of a reasoned discussion. It also conflates paedophilia with underage sex which most people just using common sense alone know is silly.
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