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That is not true. Most paedophiles aren't even locked up for long periods much less for life which obviously gives the lie to that assertion.

The pretense that paedophiles are treated like monsters and locked up for life is just another side to the hysteria. That is not treating the subject in a calm and rational manner. Why not argue about the actual sentencing guidlines and treatment of offenders not pretend ones. Everyone knows that paedophiles aren't locked up and the keys thrown away because we regularly discuss how they are settled back in communities and what level of supervision they should have!

Agree completely that paedophiles aren't locked up for life : the law by it's very nature has to be calm and dispassionate and treat people fairly.

I'm referring more to the hysteria in the media and sections of the public. It's somewhat unclear how this subject has become a big taboo : how often have we seen a television interview with a paedophile for example where he tries to explain his actions or even apologise for them? It's not hard to imagine that such an interview would be met with a quite hysterical reaction.
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