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It was a counciller on RS, said demolishing it would mean the glen would be unoccupied - who is going to occupy JS's old house?
ah ok, thanks for the clarification. Didn't someone purchase his flat in Leeds, for 25k less than the asking price? I remember reading that on here but then I suppose thats in a more practical location perhaps? the Glencoe cottage I'd think of as more of a holiday getaway location. I imagine he was only there some of the time though, with his main homes being in Leeds and Scarborough? so even when he had the cottage, it would be unoccupied at times.

ETA - It said in his biography that he'd helped some hill walkers who had injured themselves near to the cottage, having the only landline phone connection for miles so he could call the emergency services for help. He showed off about helping a German tourist once who had a mild heart attack, saying he thought of himself as an amateur paramedic having been around hospitals so much so he knew what to do until the ambulance came (I bet the tourist had no idea who he was - it makes me laugh a bit when people mention foreign tourists being bemused, having no idea who he was when he tried to be centre of attention in local cafes etc.). I suppose it would be a concern if it means there's miles for hillwalkers to cover without any residences to try and get help from if something were to happen but that must apply in alot of other places too?.
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