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Seeing the clip on You Tube of Brian May and Patrick Moore talking in 1999, before they were Sir Patrick and Dr.May, just made me realise he is the logical filler of Sir Patrick's shoes, especially after Sir Patrick himself said to Brian that he was more qualified than himself, which Brian May humbly disagreed with. Brian May has his own unique, likeable, intelligent and high profile personality that is just perfect, yet nothing like Sir Patrick himself. It would never surprise me if he were to even do the programme for the sheer love of it. After all, when you have tens of millions in the bank, any pay cheque is barely going to register from the BBC.

Mentions of others, including a name I was just waiting for in dumbed down BBC land, Richard Hammond. But one of the most dumbed down pieces I saw in the past year one evening on BBC2 at 10pm was by his TV compatriot James May, who did a programme about the universe that would have been too juvenile for some Blue Peter kids years ago, yet presented as an adult show called Things You Need To Know About...The Universe. It was an insult to a child, never mind an adult, so dumbed down and pathetic it was presented and shown as.
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