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I think Eurostar mean that that many have the view that paedophiles should be locked away and shunned by society. He is not advocating, saying it happens or agreeing with the widespread view imo. In fact you seem to be in agreement.
Indeed Jamtamara, that is exactly what I am saying

The problem with the "throw away the key" approach combined with shoving everything under the carpet means that is does nothing to address the issue of child abuse.

My feeling is that if we remove the taboos around the subject of paedophilia and treat offenders as real human beings and not "monsters", we would be going some way towards getting a handle on the problem (and it seems to be widespread and endemic).

Demonising those who are attracted to underage teenagers and children and making the whole subject a huge taboo does absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of child abuse and may in fact be making things even worse.
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