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Originally Posted by Fatsia
... and another thing!

She has the AUDACITY to print this:

"And this loneliness, friendless thing, can happen to anyone. My oldest sister Clare was once married with two kids and an active social life. When she fell over just before Christmas and broke her hip, there was no one she could call. When she got home from the hospital to her tiny flat, it was cold, without even a bottle of milk."
Excuse me for asking, Liz dear, but where the Blinkin' Blimmin Heck were you????? No one she could call You couldn't possibly pop round and switch the heating on, buy a loaf of bread and a pint of milk for her? Or, if you're too busy being frightfully important (as well as "funny, kind, generous and interesting") perhaps pay your assistant to do it? Enjoy your vat of gin.
This is the sister she wrote about just before Christmas and said she was an alcoholic.

But there are always two sides to every story. My sister, once admitted with her fractured hip, suffered from alcohol withdrawal – the most common cause of breaks in limbs in the over-60 woman.
This is followed by extreme cold in the limbs which, as most women of this age don’t have pensions or a husband, is as endemic as vodka.
No wonder her family don't want anything to do with her when she puts all their faults and problems in print. And what in the name of all that's holy is the second paragraph about?
So the most common cause of broken limbs is alcohol? And there was I thinking that ill-fitting shoes, low blood pressure, osteoporosis, icy pavements were the cause! How stoopid am I? She’s just offended every elderly person in the UK. But that’s nothing new! When I see her name on top/bottom of articles, I turn to the next page quickly. Until I wandered around DS I always thought I was the only person that can’t stand this bloody woman. How is she still employed as a features writer when she wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked her in the kidneys. I read the article about her sister....also read about her being upset that her mother was complaining of hunger even though a ‘carer’ was in the house. Did she make her mother a meal or take her to her own home? NO! She rang the district nurse who was probably off duty and told her to do an unnanounced home visit. And moaning that her sister was dumped in a cold flat by ‘uncaring’ ambulance staff??? Uhhhh, why wasn’t she there to meet her? And as other Forum members have said...why couldn’t she have warmed the flat and done a bit of food-shopping? And she works for a newspaper that always slags off public services, immigration services, council workers etc. And yet she couldn’t be arsed to pick up her sister from the hospital! She’s utterly vile! And a useless journalist who is incapable of rational or critical thought.
BTW, all elderly women have a state why is she saying most women of that age group don’t????
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