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The same people though are quite happy to talk about the danger from strangers or the pervert lurking near the school playground, but are nowhere near as comfortable discussing the fact that many / most children are abused within their own homes. Perhaps because this would mean having to admit that the perpetrators weren't "monsters" but could potentially be their own husband, brother, father etc?
When I was about 13 I was once discussing sexual abuse with some friends, boys and girls, and two of the girls said a man sexually assaulted them when they were less than 10. Both men were strangers. I'm aware most child abuse happens within the family and/or the perpetrators are people who the children know. But sexual assault by strangers is not uncommon. Part of the sensitivy I mentinoed about the subject, I guess, is not the"stranger danger". It is the fear we may not know who the abuser may be and we will be unable to protect the child because we failed to identify the danger. It is the fear it might happen to us, close to our homes.

I understand the writer of the article was trying to say there still much to know about paedophilia and child abuse and we must have healthy discussions about the subject, free of "hysteria". I only thought he was not very objective in it
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