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I know I always agree with you about LJ.However when my cat was at the end of her life the two vets in the surgery disagreed.
She had her front paw amputated and was recovering well,then lost control of her back legs but seemed happy.One vet taught me how to empty her bladder and bowels and she was still super purry.I found after a while she was struggling to eat and losing weight so I made that decision.Perhaps I should have done it before but the vet seemed so confident that she was happy.
In the meantime ( while she had been indoors for about 6 months) ,my neighbour accused me of her pooing in his garden .Needless to say we do not speak now

( cor, I can sound just like LJ sometimes,but it's true.)
My own cat had cancer with a growth the size of a grapefruit and not really able to be saved, much like poor old Squeaky Jones. There's a deal of difference between a cat with three paws that can still have a reasonable quality of life and one who has a terminal illness and is in immense pain.

Circumstances alter cases and all that.
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