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There's a clip here from October 2002 of Matthew Wright casually naming John Leslie with the words....

Didn't Ulrika state as a result of the alledged attack she spent 3-4 days in hospital?

If John Leslie was not the person responsible then Ulrika has allowed a violent rapist to escape justice?

In light of the Saville situation wonder if she will have a change of mind reporting it to the police?
I'm not sure if I'm inferring your post correctly, but if I am, we are singing from a similar hymn sheet. When the UJ rape took place, she was a young looking girl, attempting to get into showbiz, and may have been intrigued by the opportunities offered by a friendship with one of the best-loved entertainers in the nation. She would not have been aware of any dangers. If it was Savile, that would explain the odd reluctance of the police to investigate a violent sexual assault that hospitalised a woman for four days. His influence could also partially explain her refusal to confirm or deny Leslie's involvement, as if she categorically denied it, then thoughts may have turned to Savile, which obviously couldn't be tolerated. All speculation of course, and I doubt we'll ever find out given the vilification she would receive for not clearing Leslie's name, but its not beyond the realms of possibility...
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