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I know I'm being horribly superficial but Fox has lost that sweet bloom of youth and seems to be going through the motions tonight or maybe I just don't fancy him any more lol
Laurence Fox has absolutely made the series for me - Hathaway has been one of my favourite TV characters in a while - really well played and enigmatic.
I can't speak for last night's episode because like others, I'm recording and watching the 2 parter back to back, but I felt in the last series that the writers sort of lost who Hathaway was supposed to be to some extent, and also that Fox was already preparing to sign off from the role; Not that he was suddenly awful to watch, but just that he was maybe a tiny bit jaded.

That said, I'm not really looking forward to the episode where he doesn't feature, and I hope somewhere down the line, Lewis and Hathaway are reunited on screen again - maybe after a few years break - I'll miss them!
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