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Indeed Jamtamara, that is exactly what I am saying

The problem with the "throw away the key" approach combined with shoving everything under the carpet means that is does nothing to address the issue of child abuse.

My feeling is that if we remove the taboos around the subject of paedophilia and treat offenders as real human beings and not "monsters", we would be going some way towards getting a handle on the problem (and it seems to be widespread and endemic).

Demonising those who are attracted to underage teenagers and children and making the whole subject a huge taboo does absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of child abuse and may in fact be making things even worse.
Alan Bennett did a Talking Heads piece which I thought was very brave for the time. It involved a Park Attendant who was attracted to young children and was acted by the Thin Blue Line detective/new Yes Prime Minister actor, who incidentally must also have been quite brave himself to play such a role.

I believe Alan Bennett may have written about the subject elsewhere in his writings. I will check it out later.

Meanwhile, from Wikipedia:

David Haig plays Wilfred Paterson in "Playing Sandwiches"

Wilfred is, we discover over time, a reformed paedophile living under a false identity and working as a much-praised maintenance man in a public park. However, as a superior begins to pressure him for bureaucratic historical information to include in his personnel file, the pressure causes Wilfred to resume his old ways with horrifying results. Incarcerated, he contemplates his condition, remarking 'It's the one part of my life that feels right... and that's the bit that's wrong.'
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