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I'm referring more to the hysteria in the media and sections of the public. It's somewhat unclear how this subject has become a big taboo : how often have we seen a television interview with a paedophile for example where he tries to explain his actions or even apologise for them? It's not hard to imagine that such an interview would be met with a quite hysterical reaction.
There was a programe about a couple of weeks or a month ago showing interviews with sex offenders including paedophiles, their life in prison, treatment program . It was presented by Louis Theroux. Obviously it was from the US but so are most crime documentaries that involve interviews for the simple reason that we don't allow TV's such access to prisons in the UK.

That's why we also have less interviews with murderers, rapists, other sexual offenders, less footage of trials etc. It is also obviously going to be hard to persuade many freed offenders to appear on camera for obvious reasons that dont' necessarily include hysteria. I don't think there is actually a taboo. There are just practical difficulties. In any case a discussion doesn't necessarily have to include paedophiles, accurate portrayal of research on them, treatment, sentencing and likelihood of reoffending is more important for a fact based discussion. They are more necessary for sensationalist crime programes.
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