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The problem with the "throw away the key" approach combined with shoving everything under the carpet means that is does nothing to address the issue of child abuse.
There is no throw away the key approach. That too is a figment of the hysteria just as are the mobs who would hound any person who is arrested on a charge related to sexual abuse – if they are named. The public have managed to place these charges in context and await information on cases including those of named famous people despite the repeated lies about the hysteria that will erupt any second in the papers (and from nervous celebs).

An example is Vanessa George who was a first offender who abused several children including babies. That was a high profile case but she was still sentenced to 7 years. The only person in that case who received an indeterminate sentence was both the ringleader and a repeat offender.

Nor is there any huge taboo. We discuss this subject often and even if the level is often puerile and full of myths and fantasies – that’s because a lot of topics are treated that way in the media. It's the norm for there to be lots of sensationlist rubbish articles and a few more nuanced ones on most subjects but especially on most involving crimes.
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