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Agree completely that paedophiles aren't locked up for life : the law by it's very nature has to be calm and dispassionate and treat people fairly.

I'm referring more to the hysteria in the media and sections of the public. It's somewhat unclear how this subject has become a big taboo : how often have we seen a television interview with a paedophile for example where he tries to explain his actions or even apologise for them? It's not hard to imagine that such an interview would be met with a quite hysterical reaction.
There is a movie called 'The Woodsman' with Kevin Bacon, i don't think it's been broadcast much on Uk Tv. It's a very controversial movie, about a child molester, served 12 years in prison... released... and his re-insertion to society

Just saying, that for some, they do want to work hard on themselves, and live 'normal' lives
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