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Perhaps there is just no satisfying you dear, suffice to say my point in this matter was that from on high, there are moves to make sexual relations with children the normal and accepted way to live, just like today it is more cool to be gay than not, so say the 1 and a half % .
Not quite sure why you need to comment on how many people are gay in the same line as people wanting to normalise paedophilia.

Surely it is no surprise to anyone that a paedophile or group of paedophiles would want to try and normalise it ? thatd does not mean the whole world will buckle and say "oh alright then go on". There are small groups of racists who want to deport anyone of colour that does not mean the rest of us will agree with it and it will happen.

Open discussion and acceptance of its existance will keep paedophilia from being swept back under that very big carpet and thats the only way it can be dealt with and safety measures kept in place for kids, being proatcive is always better than picking up the pieces.
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