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If paedophilia or child abuse is a truly taboo subject then in a sense I suppose we're lucky the topic hasn't been closed or deleted, as I know I once attempted to discuss issues around suicide in a forum topic and that was quickly deleted and I was told its not allowed to bring the subject up, even though I was far from promoting it in any way whatsoever...I was actually curious if anyone had experienced the loss of someone through it and what peoples opinions were about those who do it because I'd seen in a different topic elsewhere, someone with strong opinions talking about how they felt their relative who had committed suicide had shown themselves to be a completely selfish coward in doing what they do and they didn't appear to have empathy, only anger. I know things like that will inevitably evoke many different emotions, it just interested me to ask what peoples opinions were but anyway I was told the subject isn't allowed to be discussed as a specific topic, only indirectly (such as, as part of a discussion on something else, like that person who mentioned about their relative dying, only part of that topic mentioned the suicide aspect I think).

I'm not suggesting its right to discuss that here (so hope this doesn't get deleted(!)), just that was the only time I can think of when I've brought something up and it was quickly deleted and I was told your not allowed to mention it - that must be a 'real taboo', if you will. I can kind of understand why, in a way, I'd never condone it but it frustrates me if adults can't maturely discuss things in a balanced way, then such taboos will always stay that way surely? isn't the best way to deal with taboos and lessen their impact, to talk about them? maybe I was out of line though, I don't know but I certainly never suggested anything to encourage anyone to do such a thing...I'd never do that.
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