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But she wasn't to blame for his name being made public .. Yet she was slated in the media
Whilst she did not name him she could have put a stop to the witch hunt by either confriming or denying it, she chose to say silent

There are three or four people who it could have been - basically all the people who were going around with her at that time. The problem with Ulrika is that at any point she could have come out and said, "John is not the guy." That would have stopped a whole lot of damage. But she didn't. She just sat on the fence and took the money. Whether you like me or hate me, that's not right.

And before people say her silence must have indicated something, Ulrikas rape allegedly took place in 1987, this is a pic from 1993 does this pic look like a woman sitting with the person who had raped her just over five years earlier ?
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