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Surely it is no surprise to anyone that a paedophile or group of paedophiles would want to try and normalise it ? thatd does not mean the whole world will buckle and say "oh alright then go on". There are small groups of racists who want to deport anyone of colour that does not mean the rest of us will agree with it and it will happen.

It is not so much the groups, it is that such groups have the ability to promote it at all, and is backed from on high.

Same with the gay lobby, until the end of the 1980's the mindset of this country was anti gay promotion, it took a lot of cash and plants in all aspects of the media and TV to change what was the basic Christian foundation to this country.

Surely you are not refusing to understand that in letting go of the Christian morality, we have a super powerful gay lobby and a growing lobby for sexual relations with children.

Whether you agree or disagree with Christianity, its doctrine kept things in a manner acceptable to the majority, not because of the power of the church, but because we implemented a structure that allowed the personal freedom to be gay just out of the earshot of the little ones, who are confused enough as it is.

My main concern with the way sexuality is being taught in the corporate schools is now I am afraid, based in reality over suspicion.

In June last year my son having left school in may, explained that having just seen one of his school friends, and one I knew myself, he was shocked to be told a whole group of his school friends had decided to be gay, including the chap telling him the story.

You do not just decide to be gay if wee are to believe the decades of gay lyrics and films, you decide to be something when you believe you have a choice. Therefore the subject of gay is now a lifestyle choice and they did not get that from mum and dad.
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