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Dancing Girl ... Blame free??. I don't think so..she has had a lot of abuse about not going the police ,not naming the man etc.
Spending a few mins on a tv show with loads of people around them would of been a lot easier than being alone with him in a room and I'm sure she made sure she was with others at all times?
Sadly most women. DON'T go to the police when raped.. So should we attack them too?
I can well understand why some women cannot go to the police, especially if it was not a violent rape and they have no proof of the attack. Sadly, women are often date raped, rather than raped by a total stranger. What I dislike about Ulrika is that she used this awful experience to publicise her book and make money. She made a fortune from her autobiography although it was at the cost of destroying Leslie's career. She still has a career, Leslie does not.
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